Welcome to the TD Sports Blog

I would like to welcome you to ThomasCDelves.com! This is my website where I will be sharing with you my thoughts on the world of sports...and some music.  

ND Big Book

This website is based off of my radio show, TD Sports, which I hosted at Miami. There are a few sections to the site:

TD Blog is where I will be posting my thoughts on what is going on in the sporting world.

The TCD section is a little bit about myself.

Podcasts is pretty self explanatory. This is the audio section of sports talk. 

Broadcasting is where I have some of my previous work posted/linked.

Finally, Tune of the Week. This section is music that I like and want to share with my followers. 

I truly hope you find my site easy to use and that you enjoy the media that is being provided. Follow me on Twitter @TDSports25 and @TCD25 to get all the updates on the latest posts.

Feel free to look around. 

Love and Honor Peace Out!