The Summer Of LeBron Is Back

It has been four years since we dealt with this debacle. LeBron James has opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat and now (once again) has the NBA at his mercy.

 This is 'King' James and he rules the NBA currently.  © 

This is 'King' James and he rules the NBA currently.


He single handily sent a ripple effect through the entire National Basketball Association and has owners and fans drooling and dreaming. 

James had a well timed announcement of opting out of his contract. The day after Carmelo Anthony opted out of his contract with the New York Knicks, James made an even bigger splash by saying he would be on the market come July 1st. It was also only days before the NBA Draft where he knew that teams would try even harder to 'woo' him with a potential playing partner.

When James made his decision, there were 30 front offices that I am sure, stopped at least a moment to think if it were possible to reel the 'King' to their team.

Trying to look at it from James' perspective might be a bit different.

James will be turning 30 this December and has logged more than 33,000 minutes over 11 seasons in the league. To compare this with some other great player of this era, Kobe Bryant, after 11 seasons only had a little more than 28,000 and Carmelo Anthony a little less than 28,000. James has been a complete work horse since coming into the association in 2003 and it makes you wonder when his unreal production might start to fade.

With 30 looming, James has to be tired of going to the finals and not come out on top. Yes, winning two championships was great, but that isn't his goal. 

At the age of 26, I am sure it sounded great to head to South Beach with some friends (that happen to be good at basketball) and win multiple championships. I am not sure these four year in Miami would be called a success in the eyes of James.

LBJ at this point in his career will be weighing his options on where to go to win. He will be looking for a situation where he will not have to put up with the noise and scrutiny of carrying less skilled players through a season (looking at you Mario Chalmers). James will be looking for a place where the coach actually runs the show and he is on a team with players that look at him as a teammate, not a savior.

This might not sound like rocket science, but you're crazy if you think the 'King' will try and land himself in a situation like the one he just opted out of in Miami.

It has been a long time since one player has ruled over the association, but 'King' James definitely is holding court and everyone is watching.