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 Radford University Highlanders

Radford University Highlanders

I believe the song is talking about a girl. In this case, I'm talking about the state.

I will be taking my talents to Radford, VA as I recently accepted a position with Radford University as their Athletics Multimedia Associate. I am excited to take the next step in my career and appreciate the support from family, friends and followers.

This will definitely be an adventure and I look forward to the challenges and any obstacles that come my way during this process.

I will do my best to keep the site as up to date as possible and I thank you for reading and listening to my content.

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MLB Playoffs

October is upon us and the Wild Card games have conduced. The chase for a World title is on full tilt now with eight teams believing they can win it all. Ill give you my breakdown of the remaining team and who will be playing for it all when October concludes.

Kansas City Royals v. Anaheim Angels

The Angels quietly won 98 games. Mike Trout had his worst year as a pro and is likely to win the AL MVP award. They scored the most runs in all of baseball (773) and had four pitchers with double digit wins. They face a Kansas City team that is joining the playoffs for the first time since 1985 when they won the World Series. The Angles have good enough pitching to make it past the Royals but Kansas City has seem to use old fashion baseball to win. KC's manager Ned Yost might have won some games using his aggressive managing style but could easily lose any given game with his sub par decision making. The Royals don't score enough runs to keep pace with the Angels and their is something to be said about post-season home runs. The Royals had 95 regular season bombs which was dead last in the MLB. Angels advance.

Baltimore Orioles v. Detroit Tigers

I know i'm not the only person that feels that the Orioles overachieved. Yes, Adam Jones and Nelson Cruz had good seasons but with really no ace on the staff and no players that get national attention regularly, how did this team win so many games? The Orioles have defiantly gone under the radar. Losing Manny Machado to injury and Chris Davis to suspension and this team didn't miss a beat. They face the high payroll of the Tigers and will have to maneuver through a pretty daunting starting rotation. Not to mention having to face Miguel Cabrera and the ageless Victor Martinez. Game one the O's will face Max Scherzer, game two Justin Verlander and game three most likely David Price. I wish you the best of luck Baltimore. That being said if the Orioles can get into the Tigers bullpen all bets are off. That is the Achilles heel of this team.

Washington Nationals v. San Francisco Giants

The Giants slammed their way past the Pirates in the Wild Card game and were able to turn a season that looked to be pretty mediocre into a playoff contender. The Nationals are seeking their first ever World Series title and I believe it's a good omen when Jordan Zimmermann threw a no-hitter in the regular season finally. Game one Jake Peavy faces Steven Strasburg and I know it's baseball but the Nasty Nats are going to walk through this Giants team. Adding Doug Fister to this rotation was huge and it's going to payoff having such great depth at starting pitcher. Nats move on.

LA Dodges v. St. Louis Cardinals

It is time to watch Clayton Kershaw tear through people deep into the playoffs. As baseball fans we can only hope he gets about 10 starts in the post-season just to say we watched him play. The Cardinals can't be playing in the NLCS every year! The Dodgers have the star power to make it past the Cards but It won't be a cake walk. Adam Wainwright isn't a slouch and it should be an instant classic watching Kershaw and Wainwright square off in game one. This series will have great pitching through and through but the Dodgers just have more run producers. Dodger move on to face the Nationals in the NLCS.

ALCS- Angels v. Tigers

NLCS- Nationals v. Dodgers


MLB Pennant Race

It's coming down to the wire in the 2014 MLB season. Who's in, who's out, read to see who is going where.

Headed In

 Manny Machado and the Orioles look to win the AL East division title for the first time since 1997.    © Keith Allison

Manny Machado and the Orioles look to win the AL East division title for the first time since 1997.

© Keith Allison

Here is what we know. Barring an absolute epic catastrophes (looking at you 2011 Red Sox), the Baltimore Orioles and LA Angels will be division winners in the AL East and West respectively while the Washington Nationals will take the NL East title. Other than those three teams, it's an open race to be crowed division champ.

The AL Central has been a back and fourth battle between the huge payroll of the Detroit Tigers and the modest one of the Kansas City Royals. The Tigers have pulled out all the stops with trades landing Ian Kinsler in the off season and most recently acquiring David Price. While Detroit throws money at their problems and spotty pitching, the Royals have quietly put together a team 3.50 ERA. That puts them 3rd in the AL while Detroit has a 4.01 ERA which put them 9th. When your starting rotation has the likes of Max Scherzer, David Price and Justin Verlander that ERA should be better. The Royals hold a slim one game lead over the Tigers. They meet in Kansas city September 19-21 which could be the deciding series. As average as Detroit has been I believe they will jump Kansas City for the division.

The NL Central has the St. Loius Cardinals holding a 3.5 game lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Cards face the Rockies, Brewers, Reds, Cubs and Diamondbacks in their last five series of the year. The Bucs have the Cubs, Brewers and Reds, but also have to visit Atlanta to face the Braves in a four game series. Andrew McCutchen will have to try and better his .359 batting average in September to sneak past the Cards. I don't think that will be likely.

 Clayton Kershaw leads Major League Baseball in ERA (1.67), Wins (Tie for 1st with 18) and Batting Average against (.188).    © SD Dirk

Clayton Kershaw leads Major League Baseball in ERA (1.67), Wins (Tie for 1st with 18) and Batting Average against (.188).

© SD Dirk

The NL West is a two horse race with the LA Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. The Dodgers are tied for the 3rd best ERA in baseball part to the almighty Clayton Kershaw. Not to mention Zack Greinke, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Josh Beckett and Dan Haren to back him up. The Dodgers have a 2.5 game lead and I don't believe they will cough that up.

Headed Out

The two teams that are really headed in the wrong direction are the Oakland Athletics and Milwaukee Brewers. The Athletics are 3-7 in their last ten while the Brewers are 2-8. The Athletics are batting .235 over their last six games while the pitching staff has posted a 2.66 ERA. If the bats don't pick up, Oakland with be in deep shit.

The Brew Crew have the opposite problem. Over their last eight games their pitcher have posted a 4.44 ERA and a .278 batting average against. Milwaukee's pitching is getting buried and as mentioned earlier have to play the Pirates and Cardinals on the road down the stretch.

On The Fence

The Seattle Mariners and Atlanta Braves are the two teams that could be left out. Seattle is 11 games out of their division race while the Braves are eight games out. It's Wild Card or bust for these two teams.

Seattle has a tough road to making the playoffs despite only being a half game out. They have 14 of their last 17 games against teams with a winning record. It doesn't look like their .218 September batting average will do the trick, but their MLB leading 3.01 team ERA doesn't hurt.

The Braves will have to show all their cards when the Pirates come to town on September 22-25th. This team will need to heat up here in September to keep their chances alive.

Playoff Predictions

AL East- Baltimore

AL Central- Detroit

AL West- Angels

WC: Royals & Seattle

NL East- Washington

NL Central- Cardinals

NL West- Dodgers

WC: Pittsburgh & Atlanta